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What's it all about ?

29 years ago I invented the concept of Murder Mystery Interactive Weekends and have performed them all over the world ever since. I have been writing complex, intriguing and fun plots ever since and my guests often say I should be writing books, so that my plots can be experienced by a much wider audience. What I love is creating the puzzle, the clues, the characters and this brand new concept of playing my Murder Mysteries online, is your opportunity to wrestle with some of my most extensive plots to date.

With lots of video clips, suspect profiles, victim profiles and scores of pieces of evidence, this is a murder investigation that will keep you working until the very last minute.

You will need to study the evidence and draw your own conclusions about the identity of the killer or killers. As you work through each chapter of the mystery you will be presented with more murders, more clues and it is up to you to turn detective. These investigations will not be easy, but all the strands will tie together and by the end you will hopefully have the satisfaction of solving these complicated, but very solvable investigations.

Each chapter will reveal different suspects, multiple murder victims and pieces of evidence will be presented as the police discover them. The evidence is not in any order so will form a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ for you to unscramble. The clues when fitted together will clearly show you the story that could ultimately have turned a suspect into a killer. However there is logic behind the series of murders and eventually you will be able to dismiss most suspects, because they may only have motive for two or perhaps three of the other victims.

One fantastic element of this game is that you will be able to click and copy the most significant clues on to your own evidence board. Your board can hold a maximum of about 50 clues, so you will be adding and deleting clues as you go along. All clues will remain on their original clue page, so you will always be able to refer back to them.

Another great sleuthing tool is your notebook. You will be able to make notes every time you play of your thoughts and perhaps even your workings out.

It’s very easy to navigate around the site. First look up the Victim Profile for the chapter you are on, here  you will find out the details of the latest murder. Next go to the Suspect Profile page and see if the police have any more suspects for you. On each of these profiles you can add your own comments by typing them in the comments field, then clicking on the ‘Submit Comment’ button, so they are entered on the bottom of the Profile. After this go on to the Chapter’s Clues. Watch the videos, then look through all the evidence, and any that you think particularly relevant to your case, copy on to your own Investigation Board. Once you’ve viewed all the video clips and the evidence, go to the Notebook Page and enter anything that you think might be important as the case proceeds. If you are struggling with the case, you can go to the Chapter Summary page, where you’ll see the Inspector and his Constable mulling over the chapters events (not available on ‘A Taste for Murder’) - sometimes they may be insightful and sometimes you may wonder how the Inspector stays so calm in the face of such enthusiastic ineptitude!

Over the course of these investigations you will be presented with more evidence, more victims and more suspects .  There is no limit to how quickly you solve the mystery, you can spend as much time as you want or you may decide to try and solve it over a weekend - it's up to you.  You can also contact your friends online and chat with them, but please don’t give the plot away if you have worked it out. I’m hoping that we get people playing all over world, and the only barrier will be that each player will have to understand English – we haven’t got round to doing a foreign language murder mystery – yet !!

A multiple choice summation will be available for you to fill in who you thought did it and why. Depending on how well you have scored, you will be able to down load a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate.

If you enjoy Morse, Taggart or jigsaw puzzles, we’re sure you will love this challenge. This is your chance to play Columbo and solve the most complicated cases.


My plots are renowned for their gritty realism and there is a minimum age of 16.

All my characters are fictitious and neither victims or suspects are based on real people. However some of the storylines may be inspired by factual or realistic events.

I often write about serious and often contentious subjects to give suspects interesting and unusual motives for murder, but I try to make sure that whenever there is a controversial opinion expressed, there will always be a character who will have opposing views as a counter balance.
There is nothing in my storylines that you would not see in programmes such as “Morse” or “Taggart”.

As a pacifist and strict vegetarian, there is nothing I abhor more than real murder, but I do enjoy writing complex and intriguing plots that give my guests and online players hours of brain-teasing sleuthing fun.

Please be assured that I try not to offend, and that any views expressed are not my own nor others involved in the creation of this online Murder Mystery Investigation.


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