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Joy Swift MBE Creator, writer and director
Mark Tomkins Designer and developer
David Dudley Graphics and editor
Shekhar Abhimanyu Developer
Geri Brown Assistant


Rebecca Benneyworth as Alison Walker
Geoff Sutton as Charles Fisher
Jake Benneyworth as Danny Walker
Geri Brown as Tess Mason
Dana Braithwaite as Martha Jenkins
Marilyn Catterall as Fiona Walmsley
Roz Dudley as Sophie Dawlish
Dave Dudley as Oliver Mason
Rich Gray as Kieron Richards
Nathan Marsh as Detective Inspector Ian Rutherford
Teresa Slender as Grace Richards
Damon Smith as Andy Matthews
Sean Waring as Detective Constable John Darling

Paul Benneyworth as Thompson Fairbrother
Mark Braithwaite as Henry Anderson
Nick Catterall as Heath Taylor
John Gerrard as Aleksej Morozov
Andy Greenwood as Toby Liston
Chris Greenwood as Eric Neumann
Kate Greenwood as Homepage body
Chris Livesey as Ercole Conti
Stewart McLennan as Henri Moreau

Sue Bilton Marketing Consultant

Cranage Hall, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Ettington Chase, Stratford upon Avon
Faye Lawless Hairdressers, Crosby
Woodhouse Farm
The Clothiers Arms, Stroud
The Crow’s Nest, Crosby
The Volunteer, Waterloo

Lizzie Benneyworth
Amy Black
Charlie Bloxham
Tim Farrow
Marilyn Greenwood
Judy Ivor
Sarah Johnson
Marie McKee
Piper Mitchell
Shawn Ojo

Penny Rickwood
Peter Rickwood
Geraint Short
Mel Slater
Paul Stevens
Dave Smith
Mala Tailor
Matty Walsh
Linda White
Phil - the postman



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