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The detail and meticulous planning Joy puts into creating her Original Murder plots is impressive. Me? Somewhat off the mark I’m afraid. But next time, and there will be a next time, I’ll get the culprit good and proper!!

It gets a gold star rating

Whodunnit Heaven!

Now I’m not much of a joiner-in by nature; so I wasn’t convinced this would be my kind of thing. But not for the first time in my life I was utterly wrong … I discovered there is such a thing as a murder mystery junkie.

Not just any old murder weekend, though. This is the Original Murder Weekend, devised by the founder of the concept, Joy Swift MBE. Now on her 102nd plot and – with 28 years’ expertise in fictional foul play behind her – guaranteed to be a cracker.


Gathering for the final police report on Sunday. I marvelled at the well-written story. The criminal mastermind behind these weekends, Joy Swift, is worryingly adept at creating brilliant murderous twists and I was amazed that a mum, daughter and grandma team had managed to work it all out … until I saw their flow charts and post-it notes!

Quite unlike anything I’ve experienced before, Joy Swift’s plots are one of the most criminally entertaining ways to while away a few days. The plots are very complicated and will keep you puzzling into the wee small hours.

The amount of work that Joy Swift puts into constructing her fantastic plots is amazing.

The intertwining plots unfurl with a startling realism and it’s tribute to the seamless organisation of one woman that the whole experience is so convincing.

Oh my God – I think Joy’s got me. She really is an evil genius.


Although I’ve now attended over 30 of Joy’s fantastic Murder Mysteries, I am still amazed at how well-designed and difficult the plots are, everytime without fail.

Joy thanks so much for two weeks of intrigue. Every morning my husband and I couldn’t wait to go online and download the latest pieces of evidence. We turned our lounge into an Incident Room and sometimes argued so much about who we thought did it – but I’m proud to say, he was wrong and I was right!!
Mr and Mrs Roberts, Llandudno, North Wales
Runners up of Joy’s first interactive murdermysteryonline

I have been an avid Joy Swift fan since my first Murder Weekend in 1989 (and have been on more than 50 since then). When her autobiography "The Joy of Murder" came out, with a complete solvable whodunnit included, I couldn't resist giving it a go, and I was not disappointed - the detail of the clues, the deviousness of the plot, the thoroughness of the summing up (a critical part of a murder mystery for those occasions when you just have to admit defeat) were all up to the standard of a "live" weekend. I can't wait for the online plots to be available in 2010, and I look forward to yet another Joy Swift sleuthing experience.
Andy Tarpey, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK.

It was very enjoyable to follow the evidence and try to crack the case, when I was stuck with something, I’d use my wife as a sounding board. It has been a fantastic competition and I can’t believe I won it.
Liverpool Echo - David Bedford, winner of Joy’s first interactive murder mystery online.

The highlight for us was how the devilishly intricate plot all came together, and tied up beautifully at the end.....it was so satisfying to discover the real murderer and their motives!”
Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Goffs Oak, Herts

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