I was mega impressed at the standard of the evidence and how realistic it is. Move over Agatha Christie! This completely addictive online murder mystery takes amateur detective sleuths to new heights, and for a total of 24 hours of investigating, is incredible value for money!! Susan Middler, Aberdeen, Scotland

This has genuinely made my 2020 and I’m recruiting as many mates as possible to do this online investigation across continents. So far, we have Australia, US and Yorkshire!
Kevin Anakwe, Yorkshire, England

Brilliantly put together, a proper brain teaser that is neither too easy or too hard, and at times hilarious, with a very satisfying lightbulb moment. Alison Morren, Somerset, England

I think your online murder mystery is superior to anything else out there and trust me I have done about 15 since lockdown! Alison O’Neill, Norfolk, England

Highly entertaining. Perfect for the solo investigator or in a group. Challenging but solvable plot full of twists and turns that kept me hooked for days. Liz McClymont, Hampshire, England