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 The investigations

A TASTE OF MURDER -– available now

Your chance to play one of Joy’s amazing plots for just 99p. This is a relatively small investigation with 5 chapters, but will give you a great taster of how fun and intricate Joy’s plots are.

Aging pop star Al Black has been imprisoned for a murder that his family and fans refuse to believe he committed. Three more victims have been slain since Al’s imprisonment. Can the solving of these murders prove his innocence?

THE OTHER SIDE -– available now

Detective Inspector Ian Rutherford of the Mersey Police is called to the murder scene of Oliver Mason and arrives thinking he would be investigating a simple domestic murder, but as he is soon to discover this killing has links with murders all over the world, and he and his team soon realise they are dealing with a worldwide conspiracy that if unsolved could have devastating effects.

With 15 chapters, 63 video clips, 8 suspects, 12 victims and over 150 pieces of evidence this is a case that will test your sleuthing skills, but will leave you very satisfied when you solve the intriguing investigation.

10 DOWN -– launches in 2011 to celebrate Joy’s 30th anniversary

10 Down is another of Joy’s favourite plots from the 109 she has written over the last 30 years and is due to appear as Murder Mysteries Online’s third plot this Christmas.

Murders are being committed all over Britain but the methods of murder are various and becoming increasingly more bizarre and police forces around the country are baffled.

But they’re all linked – a crossword puzzle clue has been left on their lifeless bodies. The killer or killers are taunting the police and they need your help to solve this most devious and complex of crimes.

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