How to Play

To get started on your Murder Mystery Investigation simply:

1. Read the Incident Report to get the background on the case

2. Go to Chapter 1 and view the first Victim Profile and Suspect Profile, the evidence and videos; work through each chapter in order.

3. Go to My Investigation and set up your own Investigation Boards; add all important evidence to the boards as you review them

4. Make relevant notes in My Notebook

5. For more help with the investigation you can view the Police Inspector’s Chapter Summaries.

6. Once you have completed your investigation Go to the Submit your conclusion page.

7. Score highly and you can download a limited edition, hand drawn Certificate.

Play Now

If you enjoy murder mystery books and films, crime shows, real life investigations, cold cases or escape rooms, we are sure you will love this challenge.  This is your chance to be Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot  and crack these complicated but very solvable investigation that will keep you sleuthing until the very last minute – Enjoy!

Getting the Most out of Your Game:

As you begin each chapter, check on the next Victim & Suspect Profiles. Profiles also have their own link where you can enlarge crime scene photographs.  There is logic behind the series of murders and eventually you will be able to dismiss most suspects because they may only have motive for two or perhaps three of the victims.

Play through the chapters and profiles in order, as leaping ahead may spoil your enjoyment when perhaps your prime suspect is killed. When the pieces of evidence are fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle, they will clearly show you the story that ultimately turned a suspect or suspects into a killer.

PLEASE don’t tell friends and family the ending or write about the plot on Social Media – it would be like spilling the beans on ‘The Mousetrap’!


Joy’s plots are renowned for their gritty realism and there is a minimum age of 16.

All her characters are fictitious and neither victims or suspects are based on real people. However, some of the story lines may be inspired by factual or realistic events.

Joy writes about serious and often contentious subjects to give suspects interesting and unusual motives for murder, but she tries to make sure that whenever there is a controversial opinion expressed, there will always be a character who will have opposing views as a counterbalance.

Please be assured that Joy tries not to offend, and that any character views expressed are not her own nor others involved in the creation of this online Murder Mystery Investigation.