How do I use My Investigation Board?

This game enables you to add and delete evidence to your own Investigation Boards. Go to My Investigation Board link and a new board will appear. Click on the plus sign and name your first board. As you get further into the game you will probably choose to rename your boards, but initially number them. Then go back and review the chapter and put what you consider the most important pieces of evidence onto your boards by clicking Select a Board. You will be adding and deleting evidence as you go along. All evidence will remain on its original page, so you will always be able to refer to them in the relevant chapter. All times and dates are standard British.

How do I use My Notebook?

Another great sleuthing tool is My Notebook. You will be able to make notes of your thoughts and your suspicions throughout your investigation. You can also use your computer notebook or of course, good old-fashioned pen and paper. It is handy if you have had a thought away from your computer to jot notes on another device.

How do I play with my friends ?

The best way to play with friends and family is for each player to  register in their own name, meaning they can play separately, complete their own investigation boards and then come together via Zoom or similar, share screens and compare notes.

Why is there a minimum age?

Joy’s plots are renowned for their gritty realism and they depict violence and sexual content and are therefore inappropriate for players under 16.

What if I find the investigation too hard ?

Try to solve the case unaided but if you are struggling, you can go to the “Chapter Summaries” where you can watch the Inspector and her colleague mulling over the chapters’ events on video. There are also spoilers to help you. If codes, translations and puzzles aren’t your thing and you just want to solve whodunnit,  A little bit of help will assist you.  If you are really struggling, A lot of help, where the Inspector collates the chapter evidence and highlights and explains the key evidence for the main plot as well as an assistance video . Be sure you want to skip this part of the investigation before you click on them. All chapter summaries are available on this page from the beginning so try not to look ahead as it may spoil your game.

 What if I don’t score as highly as I thought I would?

A multiple-choice summation is for you to submit ‘whodunnit’ and why.  Although you may be tempted, try not to read the Denouement as it is full of spoilers and would be like reading the last page of a new book first! Depending on how well you have scored, you will be able to download a uniquely commissioned BronzeSilver or Gold certificate.  Please don’t share any images of your well-earned cartoon summation of the investigation, as it is a ‘dead giveaway‘! You can go back and see where you went wrong to get a higher certificate if you wish.

PLEASE don’t tell your friends and family the ending or write about the plot on Social Media – it would be like spilling the beans on ‘The Mousetrap’!