Cold Case #1

Joy Swift MBE Creator, author and director

Main Contributors

Maria Allen
Rebecca Benneyworth
Geri Brown


Maria Allen

Game Developer

Steph Henman

Video Editor

Will Westaway

Certificate Designer

Lee O’Brien


Maria Allen as DCI Trish Roberts
Rebecca Benneyworth as Alison Walker
Geri Brown as Tess Mason
Marilyn Catterall as Fiona Walmsley
Roz Dudley as Sophie Dawlish
David Dudley as Oliver Mason
Rich Gray as Kieron Richards
Teresa Gray as Grace Richards
Trudy Lowe as Gladys Wainwright
Nathan Marsh as Ian Rutherford
Damon Smith as Andy Matthews
Geoff Sutton as Charles Fisher
Sean Waring as D C John Darling

Paul Benneyworth as Thompson Fairbrother
Andrew Caterall as Charlie Walmsley
Nick Catterall as Heath Taylor
Rob Dixon as Henry Anderson
Tim Farrow as Eric Neumann
John Gerrard as Aleksej Morozov
Andy Greenwood as Toby Liston
Kate Greenwood as Homepage body
Chris Livesey as Ercole Conti
Martin Payne as Henri Moreau

Isi Dixon
Vikkie Dixon
Savannah Dixon
Lizzie Grange
Donna Heath
Patrick Hillyer
Laura Holdsworth
Dave Kirkham
Jonny Salt ( and Buddy)
Val Taylor
John Taylor
Matt Walsh
Neve Wickert – Gray
Phil – the postman

Thanks also go to all of our testers

Cold Case # 2

Creator, Author and Director
Joy Swift MBE

Main Contributors
Maria Allen
Rebecca Benneyworth MBE
Geri Brown

Maria Allen

Game Developer
Steph Henman

Video Editors
Maria Allen
Will Westaway

Graphics and animation
Chris Kirman

Dave Kirkham

Jonny Salt

Certificate Design
Lee O’Brien

Detective Chief Inspector Trish Roberts  Maria Allen
Detective Inspector Ian Rutherford  Nathan Marsh
Detective Superintendent Beard  Mark Hedges
Detective Sergeant Angus Sweetie  Patrick Hillyer
Alexander Thornton  Andy Benneyworth
Elspeth Thornton  Rebecca Benneyworth
Izzy Thornton  Linda White
William Thornton III   Mark Wilson
Edward Thornton Alan Major
Lily Holland  Liz Grange
Will Thornton  Jake Benneyworth
Sally Martin  Emma Kay
Amelia Thornton  Teresa Gray
Jayne Kozlow  Donna Heath
Ailsa Holland  Ali Bakewell
Catherine Rossi  Anita Ward
Tony Martin  Jonny Salt
Rev Edward Thornton  Wes Harrison
Gladys Wainwright  Trudy Lowe
Robbie Brand  Tim Farrow
Laura Turner Val Taylor
Frank Martin  Andy Maguire
Michelle Judge  Lauren Coffey
Lisa Smith  Laura Bryant
Jill Shapiro  Liz McClymont
Julia Robbins  Emmie Leaver
Catherine Rule  Caroline Rowe
Katie Sheppard  Alice Jenneke
Simon Bond  Dave Dudley
Anne Bond  Roz Dudley
Simon Dewhurst  Simon Boswell
Annie McCooey  Geri Brown
Sandra Stephens  Maria Gowland
Rick Bailey  Martin Payne
Jodie Kelly, BNBN Emily Kerr
Mick Reilly John A David
Sharon Dorricott Jo Goode
Ethan Knutt Chris Kirman

Other Contributors
Maureen Pinnington
Matt Walsh
Tina Walsh
Collette Walsh
Dr Laura Greenwood

Special thanks to  

Jo Goode
Femi Otitoju
Sam Shaw
Anne Bond
Simon Bond
Emma Kaye
John A David
Kevin Anakwe
Andy Bowcock
Joy Hetherington
Phil Brand
Andy Tarpey
Jayne Kozlow
Hazel Furniss
Linda Watkin
Sarah Harris
Sharon Dorricott
Christine Brand
Jill Shapiro
Patrick Hillyer
Paul Taylor
Simon Boswell
Liz McClymont
Rebecca Benneyworth
Annie McCooey
Mark Wilson
Chris Kirman
Tim Farrow
Maria Gowland
Mark Hedges
Elizabeth De Jong
Linda Wilby
Paul Wilby
Catherine Rule
Maria Judge
Lisa Smith
Wesley Harrison
Rachael Thistleton
Sue Jenkins
Martin Jenkins
Susan Midler
Sam Lakin
Sara Lakin

also many thanks go to all Kickstarter pledgers and testers
Without you all, this would not have happened!

In Memory of Rick Bailey