Player Reviews


I first heard about this experience from the Puzzling Company podcast. I just finished Cold Case #1 and I cannot get over how much fun that was! I do a large number of at home puzzle and mystery games and this has soared to the top as one of my all time favorites. Clever writing, jaw dropping twists, excellent acting, fully realized and believable characters, codes to crack, engaging side plots — I have a notebook filled with about 14 pages full of notes! It was like living inside of a mystery novel — where I actually got to solve the mystery alongside Trish! I cannot wait to start case 2 and am looking forward to more cases to come in the future (hopefully). Well done on all fronts!
Kristin McQuiggan, Rhode Island, U.S.A

The story was well written and extremely engaging and we actually did it all remotely with friends, with each of us having our own login (which worked really well). We all agreed that the quality, amount of content, virtual playability, and the sheer enjoyment we got out of the experience were unparalleled in the Murder Mystery game space.  We found ourselves thinking and talking about the case and messaging each other with ideas and theories in between our sessions. I can’t recommend it highly enough!
Anne Wittine, Tampa Bay, Florida, US

Joy, you really are an evil genius and this was a brilliant way to spend a weekend!
Rick Bailey, Batley, West Yorkshire

Highly entertaining. Perfect for the solo investigator or in a group. Challenging but solvable plot full of twists and turns that kept me hooked for days.
Liz McClymont, Hampshire

So many bodies, so may suspects, so much fun with so many twists and turns!
Kjersti Marken, Norway

We investigated from Spain….absolutely brilliant! So fantastic and you will be so sorry if you don’t buy into this wonderful murder mystery experience…. Enough said!
Carol Foggin, Spain

Feeling rather proud of myself tonight! Celebratory gin in order! Love this so much and have had the most fun over the past few days, now to reintroduce myself to my children!!
Rachael Thistleton, Flint, Flintshire

I was mega impressed at the standard of the evidence and how realistic it is. Move over Agatha Christie! This completely addictive online murder mystery takes amateur detective sleuths to new heights, and for a total of 24 hours of investigating, is incredible value for money!!
Susan Middler, Aberdeen, Scotland