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Privacy statement

Your privacy is really important to us.

We like to keep the small print to an absolute minimum - but this stuff we're happy to show it big! We will not sell, rent or give any of your personal details to anyone outside of Murder Mystery Investigations. Simple. That's it.

Our webservers do log the IP address with which you access the website to play the game but this is not reversed-engineered so we cannot learn anything else beyond your IP address and cannot access your computer by us knowing it.

Although we have done our absolute best to ensure that our website is secure, nobody can prevent hackers attempting to access our servers. Sadly, It's a fact of life. The only information that could be gained by a website intrusion would be your name, address and date of birth as we do not store payment details on the website. The payment gateway is with our partner, Paypal.

If you have any concerns at all about your privacy, you can drop us an email to: privacy@murdermysteryinvestigations.com .

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